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How do I get started with Askedoo?

Woot! We’re counting that as your official First Question, and we’re so glad you asked. Go to the app store on your phone and download Askedoo. Open the app, and follow the introduction guidelines. You’ll have an opportunity to create an account through Facebook, Twitter or email. Once you login, you’ll be prompted with step-by-step onboarding instructions.

How do I invite friends to use Askedoo?

Click on the profile icon next to the orange plus sign in the taskbar. This will open the profile screen. Click on the sliding arrows labeled “Settings”. Click on “Share Askedoo” and you’ll be able to share through text, email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – or any other social platforms you’ve enabled on your phone. Thanks for spreading the word about Askedoo!

How can I ask a question?

Simply click on the orange plus sign in the middle of the taskbar. Select “Ask a Question”, type in your question, select the appropriate channel for your question, allow access to the microphone and camera and click “go live”. After your broadcast begins, you can either stay in a free public broadcast, or request exclusive assistance from any user in your broadcast. To request an exclusive broadcast, tap on a username and select your exclusive experience – video or chat. After accepting a small fee, you are on the way to an answer through your one-on-one!

How do I answer a question?

Provide answers in free public broadcasts by clicking on any live broadcast under the “Questions Being Asked” section. Once inside the broadcast, provide answers by typing into the textbox. Or, earn money with answers when joining exclusive broadcasts. In exclusive broadcasts, you can build your credibility with user-endorsed ratings.

How do I get paid for answering questions?

You get paid for answering questions when you join specific exclusive broadcasts.

Are all broadcasts public?

Good question. No, not all broadcasts are public. Broadcasts marked “exclusive” are for one-on-one assistance. Public broadcasts are uploaded to YouTube, but exclusive broadcasts aren’t.

How can I request a private broadcast?

In Askedoo, we call private broadcasts “exclusive” broadcasts. If you’d like to make your broadcast exclusive, tap on a username in your broadcast and request an exclusive video or chat experience with the chosen user. This only occurs within specific channels.

How do I see who is watching my broadcast?

Click on the user icon, located on the taskbar – the handy feature below the video and above the chat area.

How do I manage push notifications?

Click on the sliding arrows icon on the far right side of the taskbar, this will open the Settings screen. Click “Notifications” to manage your notifications settings. Click “Save” to save your preferences before exiting the screen.

How do I reset my password?

Click on the sliding arrows icon on the far right side of the taskbar, this will open the Settings screen. Click “Login Info”, and then click “Password”. Submit your current password, and then choose and re-enter a new password. Click “Submit” to complete this process.

How do I edit my Askedoo profile?

Click on the sliding arrows icon on the far right side of the taskbar, this will open the Settings screen. On the top right corner of the screen, click “Edit”. Click on the bio text to edit. Click “Done” to complete this process.

Can I change the name or email used to create my account?

You can’t. Not through the app. If you have a reason to change your name or email, please submit a question to Askedoo to ask for assistance. Click on the sliding arrows icon on the far right side of the taskbar, this will open the Settings screen. Click “Email Askedoo” and send your request through the feedback form. We’ll be in touch.

What do Stars and High Fives mean?

Askers award Stars and High Fives to particularly helpful Experts and their comments.

How do I report inappropriate or illegal activity?

Let’s keep it clean folks! However, if you notice that someone is acting somewhat unsavory, please let us know immediately by tapping their user icon during a broadcast and selecting which behavior most fits what you’re experiencing. After tapping “Submit” we’ll receive a notification and take it from there!

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