What the heck is it?

The How-To App with the Can-Do Attitude!

Pose your question to the masses!

You are completely stumped. The internet search engines aren’t helping and you need an answer now! Launch Askedoo, type your question and start getting answers in just three easy steps.

Choose your favorite channels.

Have knowledge in a specific industry? Great! Select from a variety of channels and start answering questions or broadcasting your skills.

Collect high-fives!

Askedoo uses a system of “High-Fives” for helpful comments decided by the users which help vet experts.

Question not answered right away?

That’s okay, we’ve got you covered! Just leave your broadcast public to allow people more time to respond.

Notifications are the key to getting answers.

So make sure to turn them on! Whenever someone leaves you a comment, we make sure to let you know.

So quick and easy!

Now that you see how easy it is to ask questions and get answers. Check out how to Host a Live Show to share your knowledge with the world and get paid for it.

Choose your audience.

You know your audience and you know how to reach them. Askedoo is the newest way to monetize the knowledge that your audience is actively searching for.


Set the number of seats in your broadcast from 2 to 100 viewers to create a intimate experience for your audience.

Set your price.

It’s your broadcast, you call the shots. Set your seat price from $1 to $10,000 (if you think you could swing it).

Bring home the bacon and good reviews.

More reviews means more money in your pocket! Providing valuable broadcasts to share your expertise boosts your money making power.

Make money on the stuff you know!

Now that you see how easy it is to make money sharing your skills. Check out how to Ask a Question so you can help others answer their questions.