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Brand & Logo

Eager to use our logo, no problem! There are two versions for you to work with so have at it.

Askedoo Brand & Logo Example Askedoo Brand & Logo Example

Brand Guidelines

If you’re using our logo, be sure to take a gander at our brand guidelines to keep things consistent. The rules outlined in our guide pertain to all forms of media; signage, packaging, online, broadcast, etc.

Web: #eb5c33

R:235 G:92 B:51

C:2 M:79 Y:90 K:0

Web: #ff9000

R:255 G:144 B:0

C:0 M:52 Y:100 K:0

Web: #6ec5b7

R:110 G:197 B:183

C:55 M:1 Y:33 K:0

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