Go Live

Things are always more fun when you're together.

Share your expertise with those that are eager to learn.

Are you a…

  • Makeup guru?
  • Skilled handyman?
  • Cook ready to show the world the perfect way to make spaghetti?
  • Tutor that can solve math problems better than anyone else on the internet?
  • Skilled individual who wants to teach others about your passion?


If so, then Hosting a live show is right up your alley. This feature allows anyone to make some cash by sharing their knowledge about what they’re most passionate about with the Askedoo community.

So here's how it's done

Give your broadcast a title and choose what channel it belongs in.

Describe your broadcast in a few words, choose your ticket price, and number of seats available.

Go live and provide knowledge with your audience.

It's that easy.

Hosting a Live Show is all about you!

  • Use it however you like! Host a Q&A, teach a class, or whatever else you decide to do.
  • View your income from each broadcast after on the Revenue page.
  • Build your following and share on social media.

Watch and learn

Become an expert yourself.

  • Be taught from the experts themselves.
  • Interact with people you know or follow.
  • Gain knowledge in a workshop environment from anywhere.

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