A Live Stream Idea Is Born: Meet Askedoo, Q&A the Easy Way

What’s that noise coming from my wife’s car? How do I crosscheck my son’s algebra homework? How do I make a souffle? Did I install the new ice maker correctly?

You’ve probably posed at least one of these questions (or a similar question) at some point in time, and like us, you have to admit that it can actually be rather ironic: the simplest questions are, in fact, often the most difficult to answer. In a pinch, we’ve all turned to cyberspace for a quick solution, and for all intents and purposes, the Internet is undoubtedly chock-full of information — but therein lies the problem. That surplus of helpful advice while intended to provide prompt assistance — be it in quieting an automobile’s mechanical malfunction, mastering mathematical equations, or impressing dinner guests with a tasty entree — may become more cluttered with a plethora of “experts” doling out helpful instructions. Where do you find the most reliable information? How do you execute it? And whom do you trust?

Meet Askedoo. An exciting new way to learn and share answers with real people, in real time.

Unlike similar platforms, such as Periscope and Meerkat, Askedoo is centered on the basis of knowledge-exchange. At its essence, Askedoo connects two types of users: “questioners” and “answerers” via a live streaming interface. Think of it as having a full-time, expert on-hand to answer your most pressing questions, with the added benefit of a step-by-step, live demonstration.

Justin Ramb, Askedoo’s founder, firmly believes that every revolutionary idea possesses a common thread of ingenuity, and great ideas often originate out of everyday need. While working on a home project, Ramb consulted various Q&A websites in hopes of finding an answer to a pretty basic question. What should have been a simple search-and-discovery process quickly turned into an arduous, unreliable one. In that moment, he realized that Q&A sites hadn’t evolved since the earliest days of the Internet. The text-only nature of posing and answering questions, delays in response time, and source reliability in the age of live-streaming opportunities only verified how stagnant today’s Q&A websites have become. The experience planted the seed for the beginnings of Askedoo.

Collaborating with a team of skilled designers and experts certified in app development, Ramb conceptualized a refined, systematic process for efficient, interactive problem solving. Using Askedoo, askers simply log into the app using a previously created profile. They post a question or browse questions within a respective channel. Once that question is posted, a “public Askedoo broadcast” begins. This allows the questioner to begin a free, text-based chat with interested experts. When the user sees a comment that is beneficial within the “public Askedoo broadcast,” he may “appreciate” that comment with a high five.

Askedoo: A community of curious minds and trusted experts. Live stream your questions anywhere, any time.

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