Askedoo: What the heck is it?

A new way to Q & A — that’s what


The Overall Features

What is Askedoo?

  • Askedoo is a live streaming question and answer app
  • It lets people solve problems in real time through community help and community knowledge

How it Works

  • An asker broadcasts a question they have. For example, “How do I take apart my computer?”
  • Experts (that’s what we call folks who answer questions) go into the live broadcast and participate in a real time chat with other experts
  • The Askedoo community works together to solve the question at hand
  • Public chats are uploaded to YouTube for anyone to check out
  • And voila — you’ve entered in a question and answer revolution


  • Profiles are your personal record-keepers
  • You can review all of incoming and outgoing activity
    • Stars
    • High-fives
    • Announcements
    • Revenue
    • Time spent asking questions
    • Time spent answering questions

What’s with the Ratings?

  • High-fives: these are people’s approval of your comments in the live chat — think of them as a ‘like’ in social media. The more, the better!
    • Example: An asker asks, “How do I get a passport,” and you respond in the live chat with detailed instructions. If the asker likes your response, they can high-five your comment to let you know.

Settings & Such

Login Info:

  • Askedoo will use both your name and a username of your choice for added security and identification
  • You can change your name, username and password at any given time

Financial Info:

  • You will never be charged for a transaction that you did not verify yourself

The Rest:

  • Notifications can be managed within your settings
  • Favorite Channels (to ensure you are getting content you want to see) are available for selection here
  • You’re able to give Askedoo insight in our Feedback tab
  • You can view and unblock Blocked Users
  • Legal language is available for review
  • You can Log Out here as well

Social Sharing:

  • Askedoo is happy to upload completed live streams to Youtube for people outside of the Askedoo community to watch if they ever have similar questions
  • Help us spread our mission to answer people’s’ questions by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!


A Livestream Idea Is Born: Meet Askedoo, Q&A the Easy Way

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