A brand new live streaming app devoted solely to Q&A.

Ask. Answer. Aha!

When you join Askedoo, you access an active community of curious minds and helpful experts. Gone are the days of scouring search engines and topic forums for answers. Thanks to Askedoo, problems are solved in a few taps, chats, and live streaming video broadcasts.

Ask how. See how. In real time.

It’s the Askedoo community as a whole that allows this revolutionary new app to work so well and help so many people—a broad audience of curious minds and helpful experts all contributing to the greater good of knowledge exchange.

Anyone can be a questioner and anyone can be an answerer. It’s completely up to you. One day you may be a questioner gathering important information for a DIY project; on another, you may be making money as an answerer, providing support and fresh ideas to a fellow user. The decision is yours.

Ask how. See how. In real time. Image

How you use Askeedo is up to you.

Askedoo is free for all members, but there is a fee-based service option for users who want a more personal, one-on-one experience.

For example, if a questioner has identified an answerer who can provide a more beneficial experience without the help of others in a public broadcast, they may choose to “go private” with that answerer for a small fee. At the end of the broadcast, the questioner may rate their experience with their answerer and even offer an additional tip as an option for a job well done.

With Askedoo, getting answers and sharing answers has never been easier.

How you use Askeedo is up to you. Image
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